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We have Table Linens available in White or Ivory to fit most popular size tables.

52" x 112" Linens – 6 ft and 8 ft Banquet Tables

52 inch by 112 inch  Table Linen
Basic 52

72” x 72” Square Linens – 48” and 60” Round or Square Tables

72 Square
Basic 72 Square
Basic 72 Square
Basic 72

90” x 90” Square Linens – High Top Cocktail Tables (use something to cinch linen around table post, we like ribbon, burlap, bandanas, and clear zip ties) and larger round or square tables.

90 Basic
Cocktail Table

Special Order Linens, Runners, Sashes and Skirting are available to order in over 50 colors and many patterns.

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90 Round Color
Color Linen
Cocktail Spandex